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It doesn’t have to be like this. We can find another way.

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Merlin : It wasn’t just a dream.. just another vision.. It was supposed to happen. We could have had a future together.
Morgana : That’s where you’re wrong. We never were destined to be together.
Merlin : I know you don’t believe that!
Morgana : I did the moment you left me alone in that hall. I did the moment you tried to poison me. Timing never was on our side. You never were on my side.


Morgana : MERLIN! Do you know what time it is?
Merlin : Errrr late? early?
Morgana : Oh I see, mister went out for a drink! I can smell the alcohol from where I stand!
Merlin : Yes Ma’am, I went out! Am I going to be punished for that?
Morgana : Excuse me?? I was worried sick!
Merlin : Yeah, I’m sorry mom!
Morgana : You’re a drunk dickhead , I don’t want to talk to you!
Merlin [laughs]
Morgana : Of course, and you find all that hilarious don’t you? Are you going to grow up one day?
Merlin : Errr I don’t know! Are you going to act like a castrating bitch like Arthur said  ?
Merlin : Or is it just because it’s handsome Arthur and you felt like playing that kind of games with me and not with him?
Morgana : You’re a stupid jerk if you still believe I have feelings for him. Go sober up and fuck off! Are you happy? You hurt me! Congratulations! I have a heart after all! Yay!Fuck off!


Merlin [knocking] : Please let me in.. I’m so sorry.. I love you , I never meant to tell you all those things..
Morgana : But you did.
Merlin : I’d have never hurt you this way I swear.. I was just jealous.. I only wanted to have a couple of drinks to help.. clear my head.. And Arthur came in the pub.. I just lost it..
Morgana : I don’t want to talk to you right now. I just need to be alone. Now.
Merlin : Okay…

“What makes this job brilliant is the people that we get to work with, and when we’re on location like that, we get to spend some solid time together. [looks at Colin]”


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“There’s no hope, Merlin. None at all.”


Somebody That I Used To Know // Merlin & Morgana (AU)

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